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下面为大家整理对SAT阅读解题过程有很大指引作用的一些态度性的词汇。   ①Positive attitude:   喜:delight, please, excite, exhilarate, cheerful, ebullient, enthusiasm,   赞:appreciate, admire, celebrate, espouse, champion, commend, endorse   同情: sympathetic, compassion,   诙谐:humorous, witty, amusing, jocular   客观:detached, objective, impartial, analytical,   其他:enlightening, cautious, reflective, nostalgic,   ②Negative attitude:   嘲:deride, derision , jeer, mock, scorn, sarcasm, irony, satire, scoff, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, facetious,   悲:sorrow, wrench, bitterness, grief, distress   惊:amaze, astonish, astound, surprise,   忧:anxiety, insecurity, apprehensive, somber, gloomy, depressing, dreary, melancholy, glum, sullen, wistful, distress, uneasy, upset, sentimental, annoying,   疑:distrust, doubt/dubious/doubtful, skeptical, incredulous, suspicious, disbelief,   斥:criticize, condemn, reject, disapprove, reprove, admonish, deny, denounce, repudiate, refute,   贬:disparage, disdain, disrespect, contempt, devalue, defy/defiance, depreciate, despise,   窘:embarrass, abash, humiliate, mortify   沮:frustrated, disappointed, dismay,   惧:fear, alarm, trepid, panic   恩赐:condescending, patronizing,   惑:puzzle, baffle, confuse, perplex, dumbfounded   妒:cynicism, begrudge,   傲:arrogant, insolent, haughty, impertinent,   怪:whimsical, capricious,   贪:greedy, avaricious, grasping,   冷:indifferent, lukewarm, unsympathetic, nonchalant, apathetic, callousness   怒:rage, outrage, wrath, exasperation, irritation, indignation, resentment, vexation, irate,   其他:indulgent, paranoia, hostile, resigned, begrudging, mischievous, moralistic, attack   Note: underlined words are often likely to be ruled out from options.   ③Complex attitude:   矛盾:bittersweet, ambivalent,   其他:intrigued, curiosity, apologetic, awesome,


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